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Dont Stop Believing is a tribute to one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Journey has had a hugely successful career spanning five decades, and has earned 19 Top 40 singles and 25 Gold and Platinum albums during this time. A hand picked selection of South Africa’s premium musicians, headed by the powerful trio being Josh Ansley, Nathan Smith and Ghapi, has collaborated to bring you this celebration of their music.

Josh Ansley

Josh Ansley- Singer/Actor/Musician

It was the rush he felt from screams and cheering as he walked out onto stage as Kinikie in his high school’s production of “Grease” that convinced Josh that he could be doing this for the rest of his life. In fact, the very same day after Josh’s final high school exam in October 2004, he was at rehearsals to be an extra in a successful Harare production of Jesus Christ Super Star and for 5 years to follow he burned the candle at both ends performing in just about anything and everything.

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Early in 2005 after a successful Boy Band tribute show Josh joined a group called 5Star, Zimbabwe’s very own pop boy band. As the years passed Josh was involved in musical theatre, rock bands, operas, classical recitals, improvisational comedy shows and even recently starred in an Independent Short Film, which saw his nomination for some acting awards for his portrayal of a United States Marine. Josh has spent ten years honing his craft as a vocalist, musician and an actor and is quickly making his bones as a world-class singer and entertainer.


Nathan Smith

Nathan Smith – Guitarist/Composer/Singer

“Nothing can express the un-expressible like music”

There is no denying that Nathan Smith is one of South Africa’s best guitarists. Passion, precision, vibe, energy and enjoyment are just a few things that describe him as an artist.

Nathan started playing guitar at the age of 11 and soon found himself performing on national television. He formed the band earzone friendly performing cover songs from Eric Clapton, Gary Moore, Jimi Hendrix, CCR etc. Nathan started writing his own music at age 14 and by 15

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formed the rock band Dead Sea Surfers who won numerous competitions and performed at festivals and venues around the country.

Since then Nathan has performed in scores of South Africa’s most prestigious musical shows and events. As if that is not enough Nathan has enjoyed huge critical acclaim while traveling through Europe with Joseph Clark as the lead guitarist in The Queen Experience and has played to sold out arena’s with over 30 000 show-goers.  Nathan has also collaborated, worked with and recorded with many different artists including; Joseph Clark ; Jannie Moolman ; Laurika Rauch; Andre Swartz ; Vicky Sampson ; Nia Nel; Dozi; Brandon October ; PJ Powers ; Claire Johnson ; Karen Zoid ; Ard Mathews ; Vusi Mahlasela; Ian Von Memerty ; Matthys Roets ; Bianca le Grange ; Van Coke Cartel ;Gloria Bosman ; Timothy Moloi ; Nicolis Louw ; Kevin Leo ; Mark Haze ; African Mama’s ; Jamali ; Garth Barnes (Crash Car Burn) ; Juanita Kruger Garth Taylor ; Samantha Peo ; Elvis Blue ; Lloyd Bala ; Louis Carver ; Gabo Moto Tenors ; Piet Botha Albert Frost ; Valiant Swart ; Evolver ; Mel Botes ; Ghappi Jan Blom ; Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra ; Cape Philharmonic Orchestra ; Durban Philharmonic Orchestra.


Ghapi – Drummer/Singer/Composer

A drummer that sings?  Strange, but true!  Ghapi is the huge man, with the huge voice and huge hairdo that plays up a storm on his huge drum kit!

Ghapi’s career kicked off in 1983 as a member of the family group, Love Corporation.  In 1989 the brothers decided to break away and the group, Georgia, was formed.  Georgia rapidly won the reputation of one of South Africa’s most versatile bands.  They became famous for their outstanding and energetic stage performances

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In January 2005 Ghapi was introduced to the public.  The name Ghapi is derived from Philip’s nickname, Guppy.  “My name must be as authentic as my hair, and what could be better than my own nickname.  I adapted the spelling in such a way that it forms a unique word.”

Ghapi and his three piece band quickly won the reputation as the new Afrikaans rock sensation.  Ghapi’s unique stage personality is able to communicate with the audience places him in a league of his own. Ghapi has already had four number one hits that has made it on the top 10 list for various radio stations across the country. Other successful projects under the Ghapi banner include: His first DVD, also titled In Die Diepkant In was released in March 2007, CD, Wie Ek Is… was released 28 June 2008,  and the latest CD,   Rock it !  was released 1 July 2009. Ghapi also features on the Naranjo album,  Saints & Sinners (released 2010),  as well as, Steyn & Ghapi,  Unlimited (released 2011). Ghapi III, his first Gospel album was released July 2013. Since Sunday, 26 August 2006, Ghapi’s name regularly appeared in the media.  Ghapi wrote and composed the song Idol which was performed by the winner of the Idols competition, Dewald Louw. During April and May 2010,  Ghapi toured through South Africa with  “The Queen of Rockstar Supernova, Dilana”.  Dilana was so impressed with Ghapi’s energetic performance,  that she invited him with his entire band to perform with her in Afghanistan during August 2010. Ghapi is not only a singer, writer, composer and drummer of note, but also manages his own record company, Rock Till You Drop Records.  All the above mentioned products were released by his company.

100% Real Music

When it comes to authenticity our music director, Nathan Smith, takes no non-sense. Nathan insists on only the most authentic lines, riffs and phrases to truly express the greatness of these epic rock legends.

Here is a clip taken from the bands very first rehearsal for the shows opening night in 2015

2 Piece

Josh & Nathan
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3 Piece

Josh, Nathan & Ghapi
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About Journey


How many bands grow even more iconic with each passing year? It’s a short list, and on it is Journey. Through all its phases and eras, twists and turns the band sees its music become more popular as the years go on. The roadie who suggested the band name “Journey” truly had a vision.

In a career spanning five decades, Journey is blazing hotter than ever with the lineup of Neal Schon (guitars, backing vocals), Jonathan Cain (keyboards, backing vocals), Ross Valory (bass, backing vocals), Deen Castronovo (drums, percussion, backing vocals) and Arnel Pineda (lead vocals).

The band has reached heights that likely no other artist can hit these days, with its Greatest Hits album hitting 15-million-plus in sales. It’s not luck; it’s persistent, hard work over the years. When TV shows like Glee and The Sopranos made the song “Don’t Stop Believin'” a sensation decades after its release, it’s because that music endured. Since the group’s formation in 1973, the band has earned 19 Top 40 singles and 25 Gold and Platinum albums.

“Don’t Stop Believin’,” Schon said, “has become this national anthem, world anthem. It’s really wild. If somebody plays it, no matter where, everybody sings it.”

As their San Francisco Bay Area cohorts The Grateful Dead once sang, what a long strange trip it’s been.

With survivors of Santana and Frumious Bandersnatch in the fold, Journey released three albums starting in 1975 before teaming up with singer Steve Perry to define the classic rock of the late ’70s and ’80s. The triple-platinum Infinity in 1978 started the run that few bands would match. Evolution and Departure would follow with more hits, all leading up to 1981’s iconic Escape. Not only did it contain inescapable hits like “Don’t Stop Believin,” “Who’s Crying Now” and “Open Arms,” but it was the first music album turned into a videogame – a truly visionary move at a time when most people didn’t know what that meant. Fans worldwide snapped up 12 million copies, and FM radio had programming for life. The follow-up, Frontiers, was only kept out of the #1 spot by a little album called Thriller.

It’s a run that continues to this day. Through the years, Journey has kept the music alive with classic-rock airplay and a touring schedule most bands can’t or won’t match. With the changes and upheavals in the music industry, nothing can replace the live concert experience.

“The one thing that remains the same is live performances,” Schon said. “So that’s why we’re still here doing this. It’s the one thing that can’t be hacked and one thing that you absolutely have to show up live to be able to do. And so I still love it.”

A short string of lead singers followed Perry’s departure, but nothing quite worked until Schon found Pineda. It’s one of the most unlikely success stories in rock ‘n’ roll history: Schon discovered the singer in a Filipino cover band via YouTube. He quickly reached out to the incredulous singer and a new era of Journey was born.

The hits came coming, with the new album Revelation debuting at #5 in 2008 and continuing their streak of platinum albums. A two-year world tour sealed Pineda’s place as the voice of Journey. A new album came with Eclipse – this time with Pineda’s full participation as a band member and songwriter. And the TV exposure of “Don’t Stop Believin'” made the song is the #1 digital catalog song in history, with sales of more than 5.4 million in the U.S.

While touring is still Journey’s #1 passion, it doesn’t mean there isn’t time for a world view. The band recently recorded a cover of The Police’s “Synchronicity II” for a charity CD that fights child slavery in Third World countries, along with Stevie Wonder, Steven Tyler and more.

What has the band learned over the years?

“I think we just got it right, you know? We wrote a lot of really great songs, the three of us; myself, Steve Perry, and Jonathan Cain. And it was like we just got some things right and I think that’s why it’s etched in stone,” Schon said.

As for the future, “I’m still an aspiring guitarist, you know. I never feel like I’ve learned everything on the instrument. You have to love what you do. I certainly do. – Taken from the Jouney Website (http://www.journeymusic.com)

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